Planning Honeymoons – Top 5 Tips for Best Romantic Getaway

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Somewhere in the midst of all your wedding planning, you and your partner need to think about what comes after. Your honeymoon! There’s no question you should celebrate your marriage with the best romantic getaway but planning honeymoons comes with lots of questions. Should it happen directly after your wedding? What’s the best destination? What will you do and how will you pay for it?

Picking destinations and planning honeymoon schedules are key to creating the trip of a lifetime. But to ensure it’s memorable and adds JOY to the brand new union – rather than tension – you need to plan wisely. We’ve come up with a list of top five tips to help you put together the perfect honeymoon.

5 Important Guidelines When Planning Honeymoons

There’s more than enough going on when planning the wedding! From finding the perfect wedding dress to figuring out those table placements, you’ll have your hands full. Your honeymoon shouldn’t be another challenge to overcome. Fortunately, planning honeymoons is something that couples can do together, so it doesn’t all come down on one individual. And you can use this checklist to minimise the stress and actually have fun planning a honeymoon that will be the best possible start to your life together.

Just remember it’s YOUR time, so keep well-meaning but interfering family and friends out of the picture!

Let’s get started!

1. Dream Honeymoon Destinations—Where Do You Want to Go?

Finding your dream honeymoon destination is exciting and fun! There are many different types of locations to choose from, which modern transport makes easy to reach:

  • How about hot, lazy days on the beach of a luxury island resort?
  • Skiing the slopes of the Swiss Alps?
  • Maybe your scene is enjoying a safari at one of Africa’s top game lodges?
  • What about taking a luxury train trip through the wilds of Kenya?

Seating with towels and mountain view

Both you and your fiancé need to come to an agreement on your honeymoon destination because it must suit both your preferences. Handy tips:

  • List what you enjoy about holidays and make sure the destination caters to both your needs
  • Do some research by reading travel blogs or visiting a local travel agent for more ideas
  • Speak to friends who have recently been on honeymoon and hear what made it special
  • Check out travel posts on Instagram
  • Take into consideration the time of the year and weather so you have a realistic expectation instead of being disappointed by a rain shower that ruins your hiking plans

2. Honeymoon Budget – Planning Your Finances

Deciding on a budget is vital for all couples planning honeymoons. Managing your finances together is part of being a couple, and it’s best to start as soon as possible. You must know what you can realistically afford, instead of one of you overspending and sparking unnecessary conflict. When you both have a clear idea of your honeymoon budget, you can relax and simply enjoy the time together.

When planning this budget, consider all of the following travel expenses:

  • Transportation
  • Hotel costs
  • Meals and drinks
  • Activities
  • Travel insurance
  • Holiday clothes

Look for ways to save on honeymoon expenses and it’s always a good idea to have a bit more in the honeymoon kitty. Expenses such as hotel laundry, transport to reach planned activities and medicines for upset tummies can crop up when you least expect them. By having some flexibility in your honeymoon budget, you can have peace of mind you’re financially secure while enjoying your dream holiday.

3. Honeymoon Itinerary – Keep the Balance

If your dream destination is somewhere neither of you have been before, you’ll look forward to exploring the area. You want to make memories, right? Plan your honeymoon itinerary to include activities such as sightseeing tours, hikes or visiting famous landmarks.

Discussing this ahead of time will help you pack the right clothing and help you have a similar expectation of this breakaway. You don’t want misunderstandings clouding your time together.

However, many newlywed couples forget to include quiet time! Make sure your honeymoon itinerary allows you to have some romantic time with just the two of you present.

You’ll also want to have some downtime. Planning a wedding can leave you feeling exhausted so also include relaxation time to ensure you can return home refreshed and ready for your life together!

4. Honeymoon Surprises – Treat Your Loved One

While it’s best to plan your honeymoon together,  you can still add some surprises to treat your spouse once you’re there:

  • Booking a couples massage
  • Planning and booking a romantic meal at a popular restaurant
  • Surprising your partner with an activity you haven’t booked together, such as an early morning hot air balloon ride
  • Arranging for rose petals and champagne in the hotel room on arrival

Red hot air balloon with zebras as honeymoon surprise

By planning honeymoons with these surprises, couples add an element of romance and excitement, creating lasting happy memories!

5. Honeymoon Timing – It Can Happen Any Time

Traditionally, a honeymoon would take place as soon as the wedding reception comes to an end. You may want to carry the excitement of the wedding straight into your honeymoon. But logistics don’t always make this possible.

The date of your wedding may not coincide with the ideal season for visiting your dream destination. Or, you may have work commitments that can’t be avoided.

No matter the reason, don’t feel trapped by tradition and believe your honeymoon must follow immediately after the wedding. Instead, plan a romantic night at a luxury hotel to celebrate your nuptials and then enjoy your romantic getaway at the right time.

Practical tip for the bride: if you DO plan on leaving directly after the nuptials, invest in a stylish bolero, jacket or shrug that matches your dress. You’ll be set for cooler temperatures until you reach your accommodation or have a chance to put on a different outfit for travelling.

Final Thoughts

By planning honeymoons together, couples can avoid unnecessary complications that may turn a dream holiday into a nightmare!

Your honeymoon should be one of the most special trips you’ll make with your partner, filled with romance, relaxation, adventure and fun. Simply plan ahead, so everything from your budget to that spa treatment will enhance the experience. After all the craziness of the wedding, this is where you can unwind and have the opportunity to enjoy quality time as a newly married couple. Let the first chapter of your journey set the stage for your life together.

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