Shopping Bridal Gowns for Sale? Top 10 Useful Tips to Find the Perfect Dress

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For some brides-to-be, finding the perfect bridal gowns can become quite stressful! The thought of spending hours, perhaps days or even weeks, viewing bridal gowns for sale to find the dream dress can end up being draining. And you still have an entire wedding to organise!

Especially if you’re not one of those girls who have been planning their bridal gown since they were 10, you’re going to spend some time at bridal boutiques, trying to find ‘the one’. But we can make it easier, more fun and more efficient. From bridal gown etiquette to what to wear on the day, here’s all you need to know so you can also say “yes to the dress!”.


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Bridal Gowns Fitting Etiquette & Tips

If you’ve never looked for bridal gowns for sale, you might be surprised to learn there’s a whole etiquette surrounding the process. With this article, we’ll highlight this and a few practical tips to make finding the perfect dress so much easier. Read on for a closer look at making your shopping and fittings stress-free!

Do Some Research

Ideally, you should have an idea of what you’d like to look at before you start looking at bridal gowns for sale. Page through bridal magazines, online bridal boutiques, and even view celebrity wedding styles to see what sparks your interest in terms of style, silhouette and fabric.

Top questions to ask yourself:

  • What season will the wedding take place in? Do I need a summer-type, off-the-shoulder dress or would a closed-sleeved gown be better?
  • Where will the reception take place? Will it be a garden wedding where a simpler, less voluminous dress will be more practical to wear?
  • Will I require a second, less flashy dress for the reception?
  • Would I prefer my maid of honour and bridesmaid dresses to come from the boutique too? (Doing this ensures consistent quality)
  • What is my budget? Set a minimum and a maximum amount. You’ll start looking for dresses in the minimum category to try and save money and by setting a maximum amount, you’ll have flexibility if your favourite costs a little more.
  • Identify what you prefer– do you like a lot of lace, beads or sequins? Would you prefer something simple? Do you want an over-the-top showstopper? Do you want an open back? Will there be a train, cape or even a bolero?
  • Do you have a favourite designer such as Maggie Sottero that you would love to wear down the aisle?

Be true to your own natural style. No matter what that is, there is an outfit out there that will make you look and feel fabulous on your special day!

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Make an Appointment

Looking at bridal gowns for sale should start at least six weeks prior to your wedding. If you know you have something spectacular in mind, you might need to start shopping even earlier. Always leave adequate time for alterations.

Pick your bridal boutique and make an appointment. Don’t just show up on a whim expecting to fit 30 bridal gowns! Bridal boutiques work by appointment so each bride gets the establishment’s full attention during the fitting.

When booking, make inquiries about available sizes of the bridal gowns for sale, to guarantee there are options for you to fit.

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Don’t be Late or a No-show!

Wedding boutiques have limited fitting rooms and consultants. To give you the best service, they need you to be on time. Being late affects the appointment scheduled after yours!

Bring the Right Shoes

Bridal shoes

Most bridal gowns for sale are long and sweeping. To see exactly how you’ll look in a long bridal gown, you’ll need to bring the exact shoes you’re going to wear. Alternatively, if you haven’t found your dream shoes yet, bring a shoe with a heel that you’ll be comfortable in.

Olivelli has a beautiful range of shoes available which you can view here.

Wear the Right Undergarments

It’s important to choose the best form-fitting underwear before you go shopping for a bridal gown. For instance, a strapless dress will require the most supportive strapless bra. Wearing the underwear when you try on the dress will give an exact idea of how the dress will fit. This is incredibly important when you’re going to wear shapewear undergarments, as this will affect the sizing.

Handy tip: When fitting bridal gowns for sale, nude undergarments are the best option for getting a good idea of what the dress will look like on the day!

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Style Your Hair

If you already know how you’re going to wear your hair, try and fashion a similar style to see how it will look with different dresses. While you’re looking at wedding gowns for sale, another tip would be to browse through the hair accessories on offer at the boutique. They’re bound to have designs that match the dresses on offer.

Avoid Makeup

Bear in mind that other potential brides will be fitting the same dresses, so you shouldn’t leave any marks on them. As a general rule, you shouldn’t wear make-up or self-tan that could damage or stain the dresses you’re trying on!

Bring a Friend or Two

You should always bring a friend or two to your fitting. Ideally, the person who’s going to help you get into the dress on your wedding day should be one of them. This way the boutique assistants can show them how to fasten any tricky buttons or sashes.

The second person you take with should take a few photos and even a short video of you in each dress. That way you’ll get an idea of how well the dress photographs and how you’ll look in your wedding photos. You’ll be able to compare the gowns, later on, so you can make the final decision calmly at home, after an exciting day of fittings.

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Arrange for Alterations, Additional Fittings

The number of fittings you’ll need depends on the alterations that might need to be done. Be upfront with your consultant about any plans for extreme weight loss. Based on the type of dress you’ve chosen, and the alterations needed, your consultant will set up further appointments. Always make sure there is a fitting close to your big day to ensure everything still fits properly.

Be Openminded

While you might have a general idea of what you want, many wedding consultants recommend keeping an open mind. Since the average person doesn’t fit bridal gowns every day, you won’t know what looks stunning on you unless you actually fit dresses that are outside of your comfort zone!

Bridal GownsFinal Thoughts

Fitting a few bridal gowns for sale to find the perfect garment doesn’t have to be stressful. Once you have an idea of what to expect and know what types you’d be most comfortable in, it can even be fun. Be open to looking at gowns that are outside your frame of reference, so you give yourself the best chance of finding the X-factor dress.

Now, make an appointment with our team, or start browsing the Olivelli range for your special dress.