To veil or not to veil

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Often the most beautiful part of a wedding ceremony is the moment when the bride’s veil is gently lifted to reveal her dreamy and unforgettable expression of love and excitement! All eyes then focus on the couple to watch the groom’s emotional response…

The veil is steeped in tradition, symbolising the transition of the bride from her family to join her husband in building a new life together. In modern times, some of the traditional meaning of the bride being “handed to her groom” by her father have disappeared, but the romance and symbolism of the veil tradition remains as beautiful as ever!

And of course….a veil is simply your best friend for brilliant pics!

At Olivelli we often hear brides chatting about whether their wedding story should include a veil. For some brides it’s a definite yes from the start, for some it takes a while to decide while others prefer a fascinator, hair piece or perhaps only a few fresh flowers.

We find that most brides do want a veil and will spend time on fitting all the veil variations before deciding which style of veil perfectly complements their wedding gown.

A brilliantly trained bridal consultant can play a major role in helping the bride with this decision, by offering suggestions, styles, looks, variations and advice on which veil perfects the bride’s look. This is what we aim to offer at Olivelli!

In many instances, a bride who doesn’t want a veil will totally change her mind when she sees how the veil that is suggested by our consultant softens, enhances and perfectly completes her dream look!

There are so many veil styles, fabrics and embellishments for you to choose from, making the accessorising of your outfit one of the most exciting parts of your wedding story!

First, look at your choice between super-short, shoulder-length, elbow-length, finger-tip length, floor-length or longer.

different veil lengths

Next is to consider whether you want your veil to have a fold-over. This is called a blusher and is the romantic piece that covers your face when you approach the altar and which is gently lifted back when you meet your groom. Mmmmm….special moments for sure!

Now consider the fabric you prefer for your veil. Most veils are made of tulle but other fabrics like organza, lace and chiffon are equally beautiful and may be what you desire.

There are also many types of edging or embellishment to ensure that your look is as individualised as you want it to be. Choose between the elegant simplicity of plain tulle (or another fabric) that is raw-edged, a lace edging or trim, all over lace motifs, Swarovski crystals to add some glitz, beading to add gentle glimmer or a combination of these.

At Olivelli we see how important it is to select your veil (or other headwear) at the same time as your dress as this is such a core part of your ensemble.

Enjoy the selection process of your veil as this is yet one more chapter in the telling of your wedding story! If your mom or gran or favourite aunt or sister have kept their veil or wedding gown, you can build a tradition by including some of the embellishments on this heirloom in your own veil or veil attachment. Pass this idea on to knit together the dreams of generations of women who have been or are a part of your special being!

Olivelli founder and owner Karen de Villiers remembers how she carefully removed small wax flowers from her beloved mother’s veil and lovingly stitched these onto her own veil. Shortly after, she carefully removed these sentimental flowers and designed them into her sister Desiree’s veil. Three women bound by “Something old something new……”

So, whether you decide to veil or not to veil, know that there is a style available that perfects your dream wedding outfit and expresses the beautiful individual called YOU…

And, of course, all these styles plus expert advice are available at Olivelli.

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