Will my dress be ready in time for the Big Day?

Will my dress be ready in time for the Big Day

Although the best bridal gowns from International Collections are all imported and take a couple of months to arrive in SA, every bride’s timetable can be accommodated! We want brides to feel confident that a dream dress is waiting for them, whether their wedding is next week or next year or even the year after!

Maggie Sottero - Ainsley

Please don’t stress about your dress, beautiful bride-to-be! Rather enjoy the selection and fitting process knowing that, at Olivelli, there’s an exquisite dress for every bride! And this is true whether she is getting married in two years’ time with plenty of time to order her dress or in two weeks and everything is a rush!

Ordering your dress well in time for the Big Day – 5 months and more

Some brides are able to plan their wedding far ahead of the Magic Day, ensuring that all the arrangements, orders, decisions and choices required for a perfect wedding, are in place in time for deadlines.
This bride has sufficient time to secure her venue, put every detail in place and order her imported (manufactured per order) dream dress many months before the wedding date.


Imported dresses typically take between 4,5 to 5 months from the date of placing the order to arrive in store. Add 8 – 10 weeks for fittings, alterations, final touches, possible embellishments, steaming and preparation and you could benefit by ordering your dress at least 8 months (or more …) before your wedding day. No stress, enough time for everything to go smoothly!

Ordering your dress just a little bit closer to the wedding day – 2 to 5 months

For some brides, planning time for the Big Day is a little shorter with much to be done. You may have had to fit in with available venue dates or you are bound by when you or your true love can take leave at work. Maybe family circumstances have dictated your your early wedding date. Only 2 to 3 months to find a dress? Of course it’s possible!


Olivelli’s best known wedding gown Design Houses have two solutions: either a rush order which shortens your lead time by about 2 weeks (ask your consultant) OR access to their special collection of dresses that are kept at their head offices for this specific purpose! This is done to make sure that YOU can have a dream wedding dress at short notice! These are available to you within 1 to 1,5 months from placing your order. Your consultant will have all the info. See, there’s always a solution!

Rebecca Ingram - VanessaYour dress is needed right now – 2 weeks to 2 months

At Olivelli we often find brides-to-be who – for many personal or other reasons – need their dress within a week or two for a wedding planned at very short notice. No stress, you will have a beautiful dress in the shortest time possible and still be Queen of your Big Day!


Either make use of the “special collection” described in the previous section OR buy a show piece that is displayed in our shop. Fit, select, relax and feel the love while

Olivelli makes a plan to alter your dress to perfection within record time!  At any one time there up to 200 dresses in our shop for you to choose from!

There you have it. Whatever the date of your Big Day, the one thing that you need not be concerned about, is finding an Olivelli dress in time to look absolutely stunning!

See you soon!

The Olivelli Team

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