Maggie Sottero

Captivating designs for the classic bride

Maggie Sottero offers a wide variety of popular and eye-catching designs using lightweight fabrics with embellishments suited to each style.  Perfect for the modern, classic bride!

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The core collection of captivating designs for the classic bride

The well-known global bridal design and manufacturing company Maggie Sottero was established in 1997.  Its first Collection was thus named Maggie Sottero in honour of the owner’s great grandmother – Maggie!  At the outset the company decided to become known for classic, romantic wedding dresses of superb quality but most important, with the best fit in the bridal industry.  Beauty and glamour with a perfect, comfortable fit!

As the company’s core brand, Maggie Sottero continually introduces new techniques such as its recently added form wear that enhances the bride’s body shape.  These innovations are coupled with an ongoing commitment to and passion for exquisite and artistic design.

“My dress was a beautiful dream and throughout my wedding I felt comfortable and supported by its fabulous fit” is what Maggie Sottero brides say.

Maggie Sottero is one of three Collections by Maggie Sottero Designs.

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