7 Unforgettable Wedding Venues in Johannesburg You Must Consider

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Finding the perfect wedding venue in Johannesburg can be time-consuming and requires careful planning. For example, you have to ensure the venue isn’t too far for your local guests to travel to, especially if your elderly family members can’t drive extensive distances anymore. Additionally, you have to factor in costs, space, and sometimes accommodation if guests are travelling from other provinces.

You’ll be happy to know that there are many stunning wedding venues in Johannesburg to choose from. But we narrowed down the options for you by reviewing the top ones, so your search is simpler and less time-consuming.

We also cover the average cost of wedding venues in Johannesburg to help you budget. Keep reading so you can find a wedding venue that has everything you need for your special day.

What is the Average Cost of Wedding Venues in Johannesburg?

The average cost of a wedding is between R70,000 and R80,000. Depending on your guest list and expenses though, it can even be as much as R200,000. However, there are also wedding venues in the R45,000 price range that accommodate as many as 100 guests. If you have fewer guests then your budget can be a little smaller.

What Wedding Venues in Johannesburg Should Offer

Sometimes the bride and groom will choose a wedding venue in Johannesburg based on aesthetics only. However, there are many factors to consider if you want the day to take place without too many hassles. Have you considered the following?

  • Catering: Does the venue have caterers and what’s their menu? Make sure they make dishes for all types of guests such as vegetarians, vegans, and people with gluten intolerance.
  • Décor: Find out if the venue will decorate the area for you or if you can do the décor yourself. This can help you save some money and ensure the final look is exactly what you want.
  • Space: The venue must be able to accommodate the number of guests you’ve invited to your wedding.
  • Parking: Ensure the wedding venue you choose has plenty of parking space for guests.
  • Chapel: Some venues don’t have chapels which means you’ll have to travel to the venue after the ceremony. This may be an inconvenience and lead to additional costs to hire a church or other chapel. So, to simplify the day, consider choosing a wedding venue in Johannesburg that has a chapel.
  • Culture: Does the wedding venue cater to all types of cultures? Some venues will only be suitable for Indian, Chinese or Zulu weddings whereas others accommodate all types of ceremonies.
  • Hours: Some wedding venues may only be available until a certain time. Especially if you enjoy dancing and partying with your friends and family, choose a venue that will host you until at least midnight.

Top Wedding Venues to Choose from in Jhb

Now that you know the average cost for wedding venues in Johannesburg, how do you choose the right place for your special day? Here are wedding venues with different aesthetics. Which one will fit the theme of your wedding?

Luxurious Wedding Venues in Johannesburg

Thaba Eco Hotel

Thaba Eco Hotel

is the perfect venue for fairy tale weddings. It’s located in the Southern Suburbs of Johannesburg away from the hustle and bustle of busy streets. The indoor décor is fit for royalty and it makes for stunning wedding photos. Thaba Eco Hotel offers catering and there’s a chapel on site.

Wedding reception decor
Image by Thaba Hotel

Morrells Boutique Estate

The Morrells Boutique Estate has a vintage allure and a French Provincial aesthetic. It’s surrounded by enchanting gardens and alcoves. This wedding venue offers pure elegance for an idyllic white wedding. What’s more, they offer wedding coordination, catering, full bar facilities, and accommodation.

Morrells Wedding Venue Gauteng Johannesburg Reception Area
Image by Where’s My Wedding

Rustic Wedding Venues in Johannesburg

Arts on Main

If you plan on having an outdoor rustic wedding then you’ll love the aesthetic Arts on Main has to offer. The venue is surrounded by the architecture of neighbouring buildings that gives it a more industrial feel. The venue offers catering, planning, and décor services.

Arts on Main courtyard with walls and windows
Image by Arts on Main

The Rose Barn


has become an extremely popular aesthetic. If you want a farm wedding then you’ll love The Rose Barn. This wedding venue in Johannesburg has a comfort that exceeds expectations. The antique décor is breathtaking and makes for the ideal rustic wedding photoshoot.

the rose barn with wedding couple inside room
Image by The Rose Barn

Nature Wedding Venues in Johannesburg

Shepstone Gardens

Shepstone Gardens

is nestled in the heart of Mountain View and surrounded by beautiful, colourful gardens and antique stone buildings. The venue can host both indoor and garden weddings and seats a maximum of 150 guests. The outdoor area is perfect for the most romantic wedding photoshoots.

wedding venue between trees
Image by Shepstone Gardens

The Most Affordable Wedding Venues in Johannesburg

Estia Venue

Estia Venue

is located in Rosebank, Johannesburg. It’s a wedding venue suitable for couples that want a cosy indoor wedding with ambient lighting and comfortable seating. The venue has stunning décor, air conditioning and bar facilities. It’s the ideal venue for smaller weddings.

Couple dancing at wedding
Image by Ryan Graham

Katy’s Palace Bar

Katy’s Palace Bar

is located in Kramerville, Sandton and has a stunning view of the Sandton skyline. It’s adorned in beautiful carved wooden archways and manicured gardens. Additionally, it has a cosy fireplace ideal for winter weddings. The venue offers catering, planning, and it can seat a maximum of 150 guests inside.

KatysPalaceBar LB 04
Image by Katy’s Palace Bar

What to Do if You Can’t Find a Venue in Johannesburg

Sometimes, you simply don’t find a venue that has the ‘X-factor’ for you. If you can’t find a wedding venue in Johannesburg you love then try looking for places in Pretoria. The highways and the Gautrain make transportation easy if you have to travel there a few times to finalise details. You could also opt for alternative wedding venues such as renting a hall or getting married in your backyard.

However, you’re bound to find a wedding venue in Johannesburg as there are at least 50 to choose from. Some of them can be expensive but there are affordable venues such as Katy’s Place Bar that has an expected venue hire of R25,000.

How to Afford Your Wedding Venue

If you don’t want to settle for a cheap wedding then the only way to afford it is to save money. Some couples have parents that will pay for their wedding but if you want to pay for your own wedding, set up a savings account. Put money away each month until you can pay for everything you want for your special day such as a designer wedding dress, a tuxedo for the groom, an epic wedding cake and a long guest list.

This plan may take a little longer, but it’s one of life’s milestones that’s worth the extra effort. Also, you and your partner can look back fondly at working together to make your dreams come true.

Final Thoughts

As you can see there are many wedding venues in Johannesburg to consider, no matter your taste and aesthetic preferences.

Pick one of the venues we’ve mentioned above. Many offer other services such as catering and planning at an affordable cost. Also refer to our vendor page to find other service providers to help your day run smoothly.

Now, which venue do you feel is ideal for your wedding?







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