December festivities and brides-to-be…

women bride to be

woman bride to beSomehow, the month of December makes women focus even more on their bodies!

What will I wear on the special days?  Is my body beach ready?  Is my bikini super fashionable?  Is one-piece swimwear better for me?  How do I look fabulous and sexy and super attractive over the December hols?

Yet, with the best intentions in mind, holiday and chilling time can soon mean    yielding to delicious temptations.

If your wedding date is around the corner, this could mean lots of hard work to undo December’s excess in time for the big day!

Don’t get us wrong:  the holiday season is all about celebrating, togetherness and indulging!  But, let’s keep it healthy and in moderation….

So, let’s tackle how a bride-to-be can navigate the December excesses of food and bubbly, hectic schedules, side lined fitness routines and sun exposure!

just a girl with goalsFirst – keep your wedding day goal firmly in mind.  On the big day, you want to look your best, feel awesome and be in love with every part of your unique body and being!   Write down your December soon-to-be-a-bride goals, and how to recognise the tempting moments.  What substitutes will you have in place to counter these moments?   Remind yourself of these each day!  Stay on track one day at a time whilst still participating in all the December loveliness.


Fitness may be part of your usual routine, but holidays have no routine thus exercise is soon neglected if not forgotten.  Structure a new fitness routine to fit in with your holiday plans!  Your exercise should remain a priority but times and routines are likely to alter.

Another tip is to use every opportunity for movement.  Squeeze in a short run; start a daily, fun stretching session for everyone; use every chance to walk on the beach; park your car far away to walk more; use stairs wherever possible.  Think movement to build health and fitness and keep your metabolism awake!

woman drinking waterGulp H2O

Can one say enough about the benefits of hydrating with miraculous H2O?  Never!  From curbing your appetite, to making your skin glow to inner cleansing.  Drink lots of it instead of calorie-loaded drinks.   Before meals, at bedtime and on waking up.

Eat for health and feeling fab..

Please don’t over obsess about weight as so many brides do!  Rather focus on health and feeling fabulous!   Here are some tips:

Stick to a reasonably sized breakfast with plenty of protein to keep you fuller for longer and thus temper the urge to over indulge later in unhealthy snacks and large meals.

Holidays challenge our will power … snack…snack…snack!

plate of foodA protein-rich breakfast could be your first line of defense and help you to maintain a healthy weight throughout the holiday.

Snack on vegetables and high-fibre items, willfully ignoring the crisps, biscuits and high glycemic carb naughties.

Ditch sugar…you know why so just do it!  Stick to natural sugars in fruit and veggies but allow yourself small tastes of desserts so that you don’t feel deprived.  Come on bride-to-be, you can do this!

Think before you dish up and use the time that the brain is registering all the lovely foods on the table to have a glass of water or go for a quick walk.

Turn your back on temptation by listening to cues from your gut rather than your eyes!


Party time

Lovely as it is, late night partying can take its toll on the bride-to-be.  Lack of sleep coupled with too many tempting drinks are sure to set you back on your stay-healthy goals!  Our best advice here is to stick to only a few glasses of white wine spritzer, going heavy on the soda water or sparking mineral water. fitness eye cover Definitely avoid the sugary mixers and calorie-loaded drinks and be sure to cancel out the effects of a very late night with some smart sleep catch-up the next day, followed by a long brisk walk of course!



Love the sun and surf and hours on the beach?  Well, research makes it clear that your skin also loves the surf and beach fun but not the sun.  hate and glassesWe all know that.  Sun dehydrates and ages skin.  Not what our bride-to-be wants.  A reputable sunscreen brand frequently re-applied (specially around the eyes); broad-rimmed hat for extra protection; quality sunglasses whenever outside; anti-sun hair protection mask before hitting the beach; and avoiding the 12:00 to 14:00 rays are your best defense.  Be super kind to your skin during our hot, sunny December holidays, bride-to-be!

At Olivelli we know that brides-to-be do so much to prepare for their big day.  Keep it up this December by having an “I am healthy, glowing and satisfied with my beautiful body” maintenance plan.

We know you can do it!    

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